Comprehensive Guide to Velux Skylights and Sun Tunnels

Secure Construction offers top-of-the-line skylights and sun tunnels from Velux, providing numerous benefits that enhance your home’s value and efficiency. Here are compelling reasons why choosing Velux skylights from Secure Construction is the ideal choice for your home.

1. Amplify Natural Light

Velux skylights are renowned for their ability to increase natural light in your home, leading to enhanced productivity, better health, and increased happiness among occupants. Unlike adding multiple windows, which may compromise privacy, skylights strategically placed in areas like bathrooms, closets, pantries, and hallways bring in abundant natural light without sacrificing confidentiality. This not only creates a brighter and more inviting atmosphere but also adds value to your property.

2. Optimize Ventilation

In addition to illuminating spaces, Velux skylights facilitate fresh air exchange and promote healthy ventilation within your home. Velux’s “Fresh Air” skylights are designed to open outward, allowing for efficient airflow. They come in manual or electrically powered options, with a solar-powered variant that eliminates the need for extensive wiring. These skylights are perfect for enhancing ventilation in areas like kitchens and bathrooms, reducing humidity buildup and ensuring a comfortable indoor environment.

3. Versatility in Design and Installation

Velux offers a wide range of skylight products that can be customized to fit virtually any space. Whether you prefer Fresh Air models for ventilation or fixed panel skylights solely for natural light, Velux has options to suit your needs. The Skymax skylight, capable of accommodating large sizes up to 10 feet in width, offers flexibility in design and functionality.

Velux skylights can be installed using curb mounting or deck mounting methods, catering to different roof angles and architectural preferences. Curb mounting is suitable for flat or moderately angled roofs, while deck mounting provides a lower profile installation ideal for varying roof pitches.

4. Advanced Technology for Superior Performance

Velux skylights integrate advanced technology for superior performance and durability. Features like “Neat” glass reduce water spotting, maintaining a clean appearance, while multiple layers of water protection ensure a leak-free skylight. The inclusion of a rain sensor in Fresh Air models adds convenience and peace of mind by automatically closing the skylight during unfavorable weather conditions.

Furthermore, Velux prioritizes energy efficiency by incorporating argon gas and low-emissivity coatings to minimize heat transfer and UV/infrared rays. This sustainable approach not only reduces energy costs but also contributes to a more eco-friendly home.

5. Product Guarantee and Installation Expertise

Velux skylights come with a 10-year factory warranty, providing assurance against leaks and defects. Secure Construction, as a certified installer of Velux skylights, offers professional installation services backed by industry expertise and a commitment to quality. Our team ensures proper installation and seamless integration of Velux skylights into your home, enhancing both aesthetics and functionality.

Choose Secure Construction for Velux Skylights

With Secure Construction and Velux skylights, you can transform your home with abundant natural light, improved ventilation, and advanced technology. Call (304) 407-2635 today to explore our Velux skylight options and schedule a consultation for expert installation. Let us illuminate your home with the beauty and efficiency of Velux skylights from Secure Construction.

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