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Secure Construction offers a wide variety of sunroom options for those in Huntington, West Virginia; Ashland, Kentucky; Ironton, Ohio; and the surrounding areas. You never know if it’s going to be too hot, too cold, or if you’re going to have to be fighting off bugs, but not if you get a sunroom installed. These custom-built “dream rooms” not only let you savor that outdoor feeling in perfect comfort; they usually become the favorite place to hang out, entertain and relax. Air conditioning is also available to provide year-round enjoyment.

Unmatched for beauty, versatility, and durability, Secure Construction’s sunrooms are custom-built to your specifications, from hundreds of design possibilities & options that you can choose.

"Because we found Secure Construction to do quality work, as well as to be dependable and fair, we have since used them for two similar jobs. They are our 'go to' company for construction work."  - Carol Wolff                       Please Check Out What Our Clients Are Saying