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Secure Construction offers a wide variety of exterior trim options for those in Huntington, West Virginia; Ashland, Kentucky; Ironton, Ohio; and the surrounding areas. Secure Construction’s exterior trim is all new, made with materials that won't rot and are truly maintenance free.

Think synthetic boards at garage doors - no more dented aluminum and fading colors. How about that trim around your box or bay windows and the details under there? Don't forget the molding around your doors. Secure Construction can install round, square or turned columns on your porch and use fiberglass or synthetic columns for structural needs. Synthetic moldings are the way to go for a long lasting, maintenance free exterior.

"Because we found Secure Construction to do quality work, as well as to be dependable and fair, we have since used them for two similar jobs. They are our 'go to' company for construction work."  - Carol Wolff                       Please Check Out What Our Clients Are Saying